Posted in 24 May 2017
 In realizing the vision of Universitas Brawijaya to be a University of International Standard, lecturers or teaching staffs have a strategic role in the field of research and community service. The lecturers’ activeness in these fields is indicated by the number of journal they publish.... more
Posted in 06 Apr 2017
Reasearch is an systematic process in order to elucidate new knowledge. Doing research and publishing it are part of lecturers’s duty. In conducting good research, a proper amount of fund is needed and nowadays research grants are abundantly available. Many have provide the grants—from local... more
Posted in 08 Feb 2017
In Indonesian higher education institutions, Community Service is one of the duties of lecturers along with Teaching and Research. Through Community Service activities, lecturers may provide added values to the community both in knowledge and health quality improvements. They would also gain credit... more