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Written on 12 November 2016 , by angga , in category News

To achieve the vision of Brawijaya University to be an outstanding international world-class university, one of the potential strategies is promoting the research center and tree research at each faculty. Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University currently has one research center that is AURA (Autoimmune, Rheumatic and Allergy). This research center has international cooperation with other universities to be applied in the society in the larger and real context. In addition, there are several active study groups in the field of therapeutic which have collaboration across universities and even with the industry. This achievement makes this study center as a role model to cultivate the research center and the new research tree at Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University.  Research expected to be utilized by the society is called as translational research. Finally, research findings can be valuable in terms of clinical and commercial. To this end, collaboration of various fields between professional in health field and others is needed.


Thus, BPPM of the Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University conducted workshop entitled strengthening research tree and Translational Research based research center joined by the lecturers’ representatives of all laboratories and study programs at Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University. This workshop facilitates researchers to obtain information on the establishment research group and research center and bring together researchers of the same interest and field. The workshop was held on 11 and 12 November 2016 by inviting the Director General of Higher Education: Prof.Dr.Ali Ghufron Mukti, M.Sc., PhD, Director of LPDP: Eko Prasad, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS as the Rector, the speaker of the scientific sessions is dr. Saifur Rohman, SpJP (K) Ph.D as the Chairman of the Study Group, Cardiovascular, Prof.Dr.dr. Kusworini, Sp.PK as the Chairman of Lupus Study Group, and Dr.drg. Nur Permatasari, MS as the Chairman of the Physallis Study Group. The outputs of the workshop are forming the new research groups for degenerative and malaria and strengthening the existing research group centers, road maps and work programs.

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