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Written on 8 February 2017 , by angga , in category News

In Indonesian higher education institutions, Community Service is one of the duties of lecturers along with Teaching and Research. Through Community Service activities, lecturers may provide added values to the community both in knowledge and health quality improvements. They would also gain credit from the published reports which is included as scientific publications.
To encourage the lecturers’ activeness, the Research and Community Service Unit arranged a workshop entitled “From Community Service to Publication”. Here, the facilitators shared some guides and tips in organizing a proper community service which report is worthy of scientific journal credit. Lecturers who participated in the workshop were required to bring their proposals to be discussed with the facilitators.
The workshop was attended by the following speakers:

  1. dr. Ariani, M.Kes, Sp.A (K), who shared her experience and tips in obtaining international grant for community service
  2. dr. Nina Handayani, Sp.M, who shared her experience in acquiring equipments for community service from overseas
  3. Dewi Ariani, SST., M.P.H, who shared her experience and tips in obtaining grant for community service from national institutions
  4. Dr. Lilik Zuhriyah, SKM, M.Kes., who presented opportunities and challenges in publishing community service reports as scientific journals
  5. Setyo Tri Wahyudi, SE., M.Ec., Ph.D., who shared his experience in publishing community service reports in the field of services in sceientific journal sites

In this workshop, Ns Tony Suhartono, SKep, MKep as the Coordinator of Research and Community Service Unit also socialized new regulations in submitting proposals for community service that aimed for grant fund provided by Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP).

From Community Service to Publication1

From Community Service to Publication2