In the early period of the founding of the Sekolah Tinggi Kedokteran Malang (STKM), even though the physical facilities was still very simple, using the rooms that exist in Saiful Anwar Hospital and Military Hospital in Sukun Malang, the education and learning process went smoothly.

Because there was no adequate place for anatomy practicum, STKM build a bedeng (a room like that made from bamboo) in the southern plots of Saiful Anwar Hospital which is now become Murtuary Department of Saiful Anwar Hospital.

No Periode Head of Anatomy-Histology Laboratory
1 1963-1973 dr. Basuki Hidajat
2 1973-1989 dr. Ny. Loekito, Daak
3 1989-1997 dr. Yuharlisni Samsuar
4 1997-2001 dr. Andi Ansharullah, Daak
5 2001-2005 dr. Subandi, M.Kes, DAHK
6 2005-2007 dr. Pudjo Sanjoto, Kes
7 2006-2009 dr. Onggung Napitupulu, Kes
8 2009-2013 dr. Arliek Rio Julia, MS
9 2013-2017 dr. Danik Agustin P, Kes