Through the Head of Studies, Head of the Laboratory of Biochemistry-Biomolecular ensure that customer needs and expectations have been set by the Quality Management System and are translated into the appropriate requirements in order to achieve customer satisfaction through the Management Review. Management review conducted after the completion of the Internal Quality Audit (AIM) Batch I by GJM and Batch II by PJM beginning of each semester or every 6 months. By holding a meeting between the Head of the Laboratory, MR, and Internal Audit team, in order to see, to evaluate the results of AIM and to correct any shortage and to prevent and also to improve the quality if the AIM results are very good. It is also to evaluate the quality objectives that have been set. The results of the management review will be communicated to all faculty and academic support staff during department regular meetings. Agenda, topic as well as follow up of management review are written in the form of documents and their attachments. Gap analysis was conducted to determine the mismatch between the quality standard with products produced. Corrective action is taken to reduce or eliminate the gap. The steps are outlined in the MP Corrective and Preventive Action document (Document No. 00801 06003) and MP Product Control that is not appropriate (Document No. 00801 06002) from documents in the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Biomolecular