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Laboratory of Biochemistry and Biomolecular History

College of Medicine, Malang (STKM) stand 1963. At that time, Head of the Laboratory of Biochemistry is dr. Iskandar, deputy dr. Supardan, and members dr. Widodo, dr.Sri Hidayati S, dr. Teja Sasmita, dr.M.Yahya, Dra. Inggrit Mariawati, dr. Suharjito, dr. Wimpi, dr. Bambang Parjianto.

At the time nationalization STKM became FK. UB 1974, Head of Biochemistry Lab is still dr. Iskandar, deputy is dr. Supardan, and staff grew Dra.Ritati Apt, but dr.Suharjito and dr.Wimpi moved to the RSU. In 1984, Head of the Laboratory of Biochemistry is the deputy dr.Teja dr.Supardan Sasmita and added two new staff Dr.Bambang Prijadi and drg.Setyohadi. When it became faculty, other faculty Subjects covered biochemically distinguished Biochemistry Lab is a breeding faculty, faculty of fishing, Nutrition academy, academy nurse and midwifery school. When covering fisheries and animal husbandry, no staff of fisheries, Ir. Susilo Bambang Widodo and faculty farms Ir. Suharjono. In the 1990s, it does not cover the fisheries and animal husbandry.

After the period expires dr.Supardan leadership, Head of Biochemistry lab began alternated each successive period is dr. Supardan (1974-1994), dr.Sri Hidayati S. (1994-1998, 1998-2002), dr.Widodo (2002-2006), dr. Sri Hidayati S. (2006-2007), Dr.Bambang Prijadi (2007-2009), and now dr.Hidayat.Sujuti, PhD., SpM (2009-2013, 2013-2017). In 2005, there was a unification of Biochemistry and Biomolecular In this regard, the addition of staff and some staff Biochemistry dr.Syaiful Anwar moved to hospitals.