• Practical class

Biomedic Central Laboratory (LSB) support practical class for Master and Doctoral Programs in Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University (FKUB).

  • Research

Biomedic Central Laboratory (LSB) provides special facilitation for internal customer, including:

    • Free Analyst guidance for internal customer who conduct their own project
    • Discount for non-funding research
  • Public Diagnostic Service
  • Workshop and Training

Biomedic Central Laboratory (LSB) provides workshop and training in biomedical field for researcher and student.

Laboratory Test Services

Immunoassay Division

Immunoassay Division copy

  • Immunohistochemistry (ER, PR, HER2 detection)
  • Immunocitochemistry (single/multiple staining)
  • Immunofluoresence
  • Flowcytometry (HIV test)
  • Phagocytosis Test

Spectrophotometry & Chromatography Division

Spectrophotometry & Chromatography Division copy

  • Free Radical Assay (MDA, GSH, SOD, Anion Superoxsidase assays)
  • Protein Determination (Bioret and Lowry assays)
  • Enzyme Assay

Cell and Tissue Culture Division

Cell & Tissue Culture Division-Biomedical Central Laboratory copy

  • Primary Culture (Chondrocyte and Osteoblast, Endothelial, PBMC, Cervical Cancer Specimen)
  • Cell Line Culture (HeLa cell)
  • Malaria Culture

Molecular Division

Molecular Division copy

  • PCR
  • Reverse Transcription-PCR
  • DNA/RNA Analysis
  • Protein Analysis (Protein Isolation, Dialysis, SDS-PAGE, Dot Blotting, Western Blotting)
  • DNA Construct
  • Polymorphism Test
  • Bacterial Adhesion Test

Experimental Animal Division

Experimental Animal Division-Biomedical Central Laboratory copy

  • Animal for laboratory experiment
  • Animal Model for Diebetic, Hypertension, Malnutrition, Asthma, and Malaria Experiment