Biomedical Central Laboratory  (LSB) was opened in 1997 by Medical Faculty of Brawijaya University (FKUB) to serve research activities for students and lecturers in FKUB. Since then, all of scientific research activities and laboratory tests based on cellular and biomolecular were conducted in LSB. In the beginning, LSB only facilitate the research activities from internal community, as well receiving the examination from clinical laboratory of dr. Saiful Anwar Public Hospital, Malang. These researches were funded by FKUB itself, Health Ministry (iptekdok), and Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI). Moreover, LSB become more credible and developed in scientific communities through research collaboration and services in the field of tropical diseases and degenerative diseases.

In 1998, Biomedical Central Laboratory held a social activity of cleft lip surgery in East Nusa Tenggara as well as cleft lip and malaria research. This action was also supported by Surgery Laboratory, Anatomy and Histology Laboratory, Parasitology Laboratory of FKUB. In 2001, LSB had collaboration with Kesdam Brawijaya for malaria screening for all of the soldiers which were returned from malaria endemic areas. This event was attended by lecturers, medical undergraduate students, and biomedical master students from FKUB. On 16-18 February 2009, LSB held a Flowcytometry workshop during the International Conference on Molecular and Clinical Aspects of HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (ICMCA_ATM). This event was attended by participants from several universities and institutions from various regions in Indonesia. For the 2nd International Congress and Workshop from Molecular to Clinical Aspects of HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (the 2nd ICMCA_ATM), which was held on 23 -25 June 2011, the LSB FKUB collaborated with Munich University, Germany for the Molecular Diagnosis and Malaria Species Detection Workshop. In addition, LSB FKUB was also cooperated with the School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Western Australia for the Procedure and Interpretation of flowcytometry for Diagnosing HIV Patients Workshop. Some institutions from outside BU such as Airlangga University (Surabaya), Padjadjaran University (Bandung), University of Prima Indonesia (Medan), Samratulangi University (Manado), BATAN Jakarta, BPPT Serpong, and Flinders University (Australia) have joined LSB FKUB for diagnostic examinations, research, and internships program.

After 17 years of work, LSB FKUB has confirmed its prime services which are consist of CD4 and CD8 detection by using flowcytometry for the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection as well as PCR Malaria for species diagnosis. Nowdays, the LSB FKUB has establish itself at the national level and step forward for international certification.