Pharmacology department is unit below faculty of medicine that supports lecture and experiment in medical faculty Brawijaya University. This department was established since September 14, 1963 simultaneous with establishment of School of Medicine Malang (STKM).

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Pharmacology department was located in IKIP Malang until 1975 then moved to dr. Saiful Anwar hospital. Now, it is located in E building medical faculty of Brawijaya University.

Head of pharmacology department :



Head of Pharmacology

1. 1964-1990 Prof . dr. Agoes Djamhuri
2. 1990-2002 Prof. Dr. dr. Muljohadi Ali
3. 2002-2007 Dr. dr. Setyawati Soeharto, M.
4. 2007-2012 Dr. dr. Nurdiana, M.
5. 2012-2013 Dr. dr. Setyawati Soeharto, M.Kes
6. 2013-2017 Dr. dr. Umi Kalsum , M.Kes
7. 2018-2022 dr. Bayu Lestari, M.Biomed