A. Purpose :

Establishing  procedure of admission for samples or patients in the Laboratory of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya .

B. Definitions :

Laboratory of Microbiology specializes in microbiological diagnostic examination as Community Services. Patients may include students and staff at UB as well as outsiders. The aim of the service is to support the diagnosis of patients by examining samples brought to the laboratory. In addition, these activities are also performed as a screening for certain infectious diseases that are contagious in the community .

C. Scope :

This procedure is applied to the lecturer, analysts, and administrative staff involved with the activities of Community Services in Laboratory of Microbiology.

D. Related Documents :

  • Patient register record
  • Medical records containing results of microbiological examination
  • Payment receipt


E. Definition and Related Parties:

  • Community Services as Diagnostic Microbiology Examination is one of the processes in the Tri Dharma University
  • microbiological diagnostic examination is the microbiological examination procedures  performed on samples from patients with suspicion of certain infectious diseases in order to assist in the diagnosis process.
  • The patient is a person who comes to the Laboratory of Microbiology with the suspicion of certain infectious diseases based on advice from a physician or health center .
  • Lecturer (doctor) is a person with expertise and ability given task by the Head of the Laboratory for interpreting results of microbiological diagnostic examination from samples
  • Analyst is a person with required education and expertise given task by the Head of the Laboratory  to run the examination of samples
  • Administrative staff is a person given task by the Head of the Laboratory for registration and the administration process of patient or sample and archiving data of microbiological examination


F. Procedures

  • Patients come to the laboratory with a referral (or a sample of the patient which is brought by courier)
  • Administrative staff perform a complete registration of patients / samples that come in the Laboratory of Microbiology, including registration number, name of patient, age of the patient, the patient’s address, referrals and contact phone number
  • Patient or courier pay for the examination fee in accordance with requested examination to the administrative staff
  • Patients who have registered then being sampled by analyst.
  • The sample is then examined by analysts in accordance with the requested examination in the referral. Patients can inquire about the results of the sample to the administrative staff
  • Test results are recorded by the administrative staff
  • Physician in charge interprets the test results. The results of the examination are interpreted physician in charge and endorsed by the physician’s signature and stamp of Laboratory of Microbiology
  • Administrative staff archives the interpreted result
  • The results of samples examination is given to the patient or the courier to be delivered back to the referring physician or health services