Head of the Laboratory of Microbiology guarantees the fulfillment of the rights and needs of customers and stakeholders in accordance with the Quality Management System that has been established. Management review is conducted to evaluate customer satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction in accordance with the applied requirements. Management review is conducted as a follow-up of Internal Audit Quality (AIM) held by the Quality Assurance Unit (GJM) each semester in the form of a meeting between the Head of the Laboratory. lecturers, analysts and administrative staff with the auditor team. This meeting aims to evaluate the results of previous audits and correct deficiencies that may be found, as well as improving quality of service to customers / stakeholders. Management review results will be followed up with routine laboratory evaluation of the outcomes of the product and compliance with quality standards that have been determined. The discrepancy between the outcomes of the product and quality standards will be comprehensively evaluated to determine the solution and its follow-up monitoring in accordance with the procedures in the Laboratory of Microbiology’s Manual.