The desire to open a medical education courses was inspired by nostalgia and the need to fill the shortage of doctors in Indonesia. At the beginning of 1946 until June 1947, Malang became a place for the education of medical students from Airlangga University Surabaya. They are assigned at the refugee until the physical revolution finished. The young doctor then stationed in Celaket Hospitals and Psychiatric Hospital Malang. This experience is supported by the facilities of the IKIP Malang, Celaket Hospital and Military Hospital, generating excitement for the institutional set up a medical education in Malang.

In a meeting of members of the Indonesian Doctors Association Branch Malang in May 1962, formed the decision to set up a medical education in Malang. After going through many obstacles, ultimately Medical College of Malang (PTKM) can be officially opened on 14 September 1963 by the Minister of Health May.Jen. dr. Satria with a capacity of 105 students. In accordance with applicable regulations, then on March 18, 1964 PTKM changed its name and registered with the Ministry of Higher Education under No. 76 / B.swt / P / 64 as the College of Medicine, Malang (STKM). In May 1964, UB offered consolidation for STKM to join, but STKM chose to remain to be private.

Since its establishment on 14 September until nationalization on 1 January 1974, the dean STKM has changed 5 times, dr. Sambiono, dr. G. Djauhar, dr. P. Mamahit, back dr. G. Djauhar and dr. Moedarso. Finally, on January 1, 1974 came down SK Men.Dik.Bud No. 001/0/1974 about nationalization. The opening is conducted by the minister on February 23, 1974 in conjunction with the eleventh Dies Natalis of UNIBRAW.

At the time of nationalization, FK UB does not yet have its own building. In 1975, the office moved from FK GAPEROMA Jl. Bromo 25 Malang headed to Jl. Guntur 1 replacing UB Central Office. In the year following the completion of the construction of Central Office UNIBRAW, FK office moved again to occupy space in the Faculty of Engineering.

Lectures and practical work which was originally used facilities Malang IKIP, began using the lab in FP and FT since 1975. At that time, the anatomy lab was still located in RS Soepraoen while other laboratories still use the rooms lent by Saiful Anwar RS.

With the number of tenured faculty as many as 53 person and 36 part-time lecturers, then by letter dated July 21, 1976, No. 446 / DN / 1976, the Faculty of Medicine was authorized to examine their own doctors. Trials was carried out in 2.5 years to 765 students and 426 young doctors who have passed NB / CMS-E3. Given the nationalization only when there is one person who graduated from STKM doctors and 30 doctors who have passed the exam of NB / CMS, it could be concluded that since 1976, all physicians are doctors who have passed the examination in the Faculty of Medicine UNIBRAW.