History Faculty of Medicine University of Brawijaya

Faculty of Medicine University of Brawijaya originated from a private medical school called “Sekolah Tinggi Kedokteran Malang” (STKM) which was established on 14 September 1963. Nevertheless, medical education had been known in Malang city 17 years earlier. On 1946, It had gathered most of the teaching staff of ex – medical school in Surabaya NIAS (Nederlands Indische Artsen School), STOVIT (School Tot Opleidig Van Indische Tandartsen), advanced students ex – IKA DAIGAKU/SHIKA IGAKUBU (name for medical school/dentistry when Japanese occupation) of Jakarta and Surabaya and their staff personnel. This association was committed to continue medical and dental education through the establishment of the Higher Education Center for Medicine/Dentistry in February 1946 by utilizing the Army Hospital in Celaket Division VII (now RSUD dr . Saiful Anwar Malang) and General Hospital in Sukun (now DAM V/Brawijaya/RSAD Soepraoen Hospital). From Education Center of Medicine/Dentistry Malang was born 12 graduates of the first dentists in the Republic of Indonesia who came from universities in the country.

On June 1947, Malang Center College of Medicine was forced to suspend operations after the Dutch had occupied the city of Malang. After the Dutch surrender sovereignty to the Republic of Indonesia, medical education then continued in Jakarta and Surabaya with more complete facilities and personnel.

PTKM Establishment and STKM Ebb and Flow

Thought to re-establish a medical school in Malang reappeared in 1960-1962. With the support of community leaders Malang at that time, an ad hoc committee of the “Ikatan Dokter Indonesia” Malang initiated the formation of the Faculty of Medicine Founders Committee. Over the full support of civilian authorities and the military in the city of Malang, then it might be inaugurated the opening of “Perguruan Tinggi Kedokteran Malang” (PTKM) on September 14th, 1963 by the Minister of Health May.Jen. dr. Satrio and accommodated 105 students of the first batch. On March 18th, 1964 PTKM was changed and once registered in the Ministry of Higher Education with No. 76/B.swt/P/64 Sekolah of Medicine Malang (STKM).

On May 1964, when the University of Brawijaya held a consolidation, STKM was offered to join, but STKM still choose to be private. After this period, the ebb and flow happened in the life of STKM.

Nationalization of STKM

Since its establishment on 14 September until nationalization on 1 January 1974, the dean STKM had changed 5 times, that respectively was dr. Sambiono, dr . G. Djauhar, dr. P. Mamahit, back to dr. G. Djauhar, and dr. Moedarso.

Finally, on January 1st, 1974 came out SK Men.Dik.Bud No. 001/0/1974 about nationalization and its inauguration held by the Ministry itself on February 23rd, 1974 together with XI University of Brawijaya Anniversary. Finally, on January 14th, 1974, STKM officially joined University of Brawijaya with state university status and renamed the Faculty of Medicine University of Brawijaya.

Secretariat of Faculty of Medicine University of Brawijaya

At the time of nationalization Faculty of Medicine University of Brawijaya physically did not have a campus. Until 1975 the office/Secretariat was in the GAPEROMA building Jl. Bromo 25 Malang. After that the secretariat moved to Jl. Guntur 1 occupied the former UB office. The next year after UB office built, the office moved again occupied drawing room of the Faculty of Engineering.

Lecture and Practicum

Lecture and practicum which were originally used IKIP Malang facility, in 1975 began using the laboratory of the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering, anatomy lab was still in RST. Soepraoen jl. Sukun. For the Lecture Room, some laboratories still used rooms lent by RS dr.Saiful Anwar.


The tests to increase the level of UB Medical students still carried by NB/CMS (National Board Medical Sciences Consortium) that was E1, E2, E3A, E3B, then to be able to follow the co-ass (DM) had to pass the E4a exam.

After Faculty had as many as 53 full-time lecturers and 36 part-time lecturers, the NB/CMS with a letter dated July 21st, 1976, No. 446/DN/1976 authorized the Faculty of Medicine UB to test medical doctors themselves. With such an authority, the student at the time of nationalization amounted 765 students with 426 young doctors who had passed the NB/CMS – E3B/E4a exam, could be completed in 2.5 years. Considered at the time of nationalization only 1 doctor STKM generated and 30 doctors resulted from NB/CMS exam, mean that since 1976 all doctors were Faculty of Medicine UB exam results.

Faculty of Medicine Accreditation

To determine its status, Faculty of Medicine had to be accredited by National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. Currently the Faculty of Medicine had accredited and get an A with a letter No.003/BAN – PT/Ak – XI/S1/2008.

Laboratory of Parasitology History

On 1963, STKM was established. At that time, Parasitology Department was still under Parasitology Department of Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University; with Head Official of Parasitology STKM was dr. Rochmad Idjara’i and his vice dr. Soebaktiningsih.

After dr. Idjra’i and dr. Soebaktiningsih finished taking parasitology education expert at the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, the Department of Parasitology stood by itself with dr. Idjra’I as head of the laboratory.

At the time of STKM nationalization on 1974, head of parasitology alternated. Because some staff of parasitology moved, dr. Idjra’i moved to the Department of Surgery, replaced by dr. Haryanto, dr. Haryanto moved to the Department of Internal Medicine, then moved again to the Department of Public Health. At that time on 1979, head of Parasitology held by dr. Soebagtiningsih until 1992 then successively held by dr. Aswin Djoko Baskoro, M.Kes (1992 -1996), dr. Sri Poeranto YS, M.Kes. (1996 – 2001), dr. Sudjari DTM & H, MSI, Sp.ParK. (2001 – 2005), dr. Teguh Wahju Sardjono DTM & H, MSc, Sp.ParK. (th. 2005 – th. 2013). And now the head of laboratory held by Dr. dr. Sri Poeranto YS, Kes. Sp.ParK.

The development of Parasitology Course

Since the establishment of Laboratory of Parasitology, subjects given were Helminthology and Protozoology (5th Smt.) and Entomology (6th Smt.). In curriculum development on 1990 parasitology subjects were given in 4th Smt. and 5th Smt. On 2007, with the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), the Parasitology subjects included in Competence Course Bioscience III (BS-III), together with Microbiology subject becoming Basic Medical Sciences of Microbial Biology and Microbial infections, then together with Immunology subject incorporated in Competence Course BS-3 (BioScience-3) ​​that were given in 2nd Smt.



Head of Parasitology


Th. 1979 – 1992

dr. Soebagtiningsih

Th. 1992 -1996

dr. Aswin Djoko Baskoro, MS, Sp.ParK

Th. 1996 – 2001

Dr. dr. Sri Poeranto YS, M.Kes, Sp.ParK

Th. 2001 – 2005

dr. Sudjari, DTM&H., M.Si., Sp.ParK.

Th. 2005 – 2013

Prof. Dr. Dr. Teguh W. Sardjono, DTM&H., M.Sc., Sp.ParK

Th. 2013 – sekarang

Dr. dr. Sri Poeranto YS, M.Kes, Sp.ParK