Organization structure

Laboratory of Parasitology FMUB is one element in the conduct of academic in Medical Study Program related to the learning process. Laboratory of Parasitology Organization is headed by a Chief Laboratory who is appointed and dismissed by the Rector upon the recommendation of the Dean, and is directly responsible to the Dean. Head of the Laboratory’s tenure is four (4) years and may be reappointed by the provisions should not be more than two terms in succession.

Organizational Structure and Laboratory of Parasitology personnel are as follows:

Head of Laboratory : Dr. dr. Sri Poeranto Y.S., M.Kes., Sp.ParK.

Administration : Malisa Cory S.Gz

Academic :

Lecturer groups :

  • Prof. Dr.dr. Teguh Wahju Sardjono, DTM&H, MSc., SpParK.
  • dr. Aswin Djoko Baskoro, MS, SpParK.
  • dr. Sudjari, DTM&H, MSi, SpParK.
  • dr. Soesiati Rahajoe
  • dr. Sri Poeranto, Mkes, Sp.ParK.
  • Dr. dr. Loeki Enggarfitri, Mkes, Sp.ParK.
  • dr. Mahono Widayat, Mkes, SpParK.
  • Agustina Tri Endarti SSi, PhD.
  • dr. Agustin Iskandar, Mkes.
  • dr. Dearika Karina
  • dr. Aulia Rahmi Pawestri
  • dr. Yulia Setya

 Laboratory (technical implementation):

  • Laboratory Responsible: Agustina Tri Endarti, SSi, PhD.
  • Laboratory Procedures : Heni Indrawati SSi
  • General Support: Budi Siswoyo

Main Tasks and Functions

1. Laboratory

  • Laboratory is a faculty unit that serves as a center of learning, learning resources, and faculty in disciplines related to competency based curriculum as well as conventional learning.
  • Laboratory headed by a Chief of the laboratory responsible to the Dean in the design and execution of laboratory tasks.
  • In performing its duties the Head of the laboratory is assisted by one or more Responsible of Learning (RL/PJP) which is responsible for coordinating each learning courses which use the relevant laboratory in teaching and learning process.

2. Human Resources (along with a brief title and duties of each HR, Lecturer, Institution Laboratory, Administration)





Name / position

Description of duties & responsibilities


Head of Laboratory
  • A major responsible for Lab activities
  • Planning short -term and long-term program in the field of learning process and administration with reference to the vision and mission of the Faculty
  • Socializing and tightening the entire staff on all plan lab activities, both from internal parasites Lab, instructions from the faculty or from outside the lab/Faculty
  • Establishing cooperation with other agencies for the development of Lab
  • Coordinating the implementation of the above activities
  • Providing support and recommendations of staff including research activities that contribute positively to the Lab advancement
  • Encouraging all staff to undertake activities related to the promotion of staff
  • Providing information, motivation, and encouragement to staff about the opportunities for self and lab development, including the activities of scientific seminars, training, and utilization of research grants


Responsible of Course (RC/PJMK)
  • Responsible for the implementation of the learning process for the student concerned (Regular, KBI, CBC)
  • Developing schedule of lectures, lab work, student discussions and seminars, and adjusting the schedule of faculty/department
  • Dividing tasks for the preparation of the module, supervising the discussion, seminar, or practicum
  • Dividing the task of making the exam question and scheduling question exam meeting
  • Collecting, processing, doubling the exam question
  • Processing test scores and reporting the results to the head of laboratory


Responsible of Learning (RL/PJP)
  • Coordinating schedule, teaching, and exams
  • Coordinating the teaching task of lecturer in the group,
  • Setting the learning model used,
  • Conveying to the student learning outcomes to the Study Program and/or course related disciplines with certain Course/Block


  • Helping the head of laboratory for paperwork and administration
  • Coordinating secretariat officers to inventory the papers and books belonging to the lab.
  • Minuting section/lab meeting and recording all meetings result in a book available
  • Providing input to the head of laboratory on matters relating to secretarial


  • Receiving, issuing, and posting laboratory money, date, original income/expense purposes
  • Creating reports and accounting their report each year


  • Responsible for the inventory of lab household
  • Together with the administration, checking the inventory items that exist or have owned by labs
  • Making proposals of laboratory needs, both routine and urgent
  • Together with the administration, checking the date and condition of the item requested, in accordance with the demand/urgency or not
  • Proposing and adding to the deficiencies of tools and materials needed for the Molecular Parasitology and Imunology laboratory


Teaching Staff
  • Setting up the course material in accordance with each schedule and section
  • Giving a lecture on schedule
  • Leading discussions, seminars, practicum
  • Guiding final task (TA)
  • Making research proposal
  • Conducting research
  • Always and continuously striving to develop themselves with preparing proposals, proposing and conducting research
  • Following the scientific activities related to parasitology and tropical diseases.




  • Receiving, recording, filling, and clipping entry/exit letters,
  • Creating, recording, and sending official letters, both for faculty and laboratory staff
  • Archiving attendance lecture/tutor/practicum and student scores
  • Noting lecturer teaching and learning activities and documenting them in the each respective file (log book of lecturer activities)
  • Saving/archiving letters in the respective document keeper for each lecturer in the purposes of EKD and the proposal of promotion
  • Assisting faculty staff to prepare material courses (modules, ppt etc.)
  • Dividing the group of attendance, group of practicum, students
  • discussion/seminar
  • Helping RC/PJMK process test scores when required
  • Helping to enter student scores data ​​after processed by RC/PJMK
  • Making proposals for office stationery and parasites administrative needs
  • Inventorying results/reports either students final task (TA) or staff research study
  • Setting the loaning of student final task (TA) book/text book in the laboratory of Parasitology




  • Responsible for the inventory of equipment and laboratory materials, including the type and amount
  • Assisting student lab activities
  • Conducting inventory of slides/parasitology permanent preparations
  • Developing and proposing the need for tools/materials for routine lab
  • Carrying out routine activities in the laboratory,
  • Assisting faculty who are conducting lab activities. both conventional and biochemical-molecular
  • Making lab activities log book
  • Inventorying results/reports either student final task (TA) or staff research study
  • Setting the loaning of final assignment (TA) book/text book in the Laboratory of Parasitology as well as tools and materials for research
  • \Learning to develop skills towards mosquitoes breeding (Lab), culture skill


General support


  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the laboratory room, practicum, research, and environmental
  • Setting up the tools/need for lectures, seminars and final task (TA) exam, OHP, LCD, computer, sound system, etc.
  • Procurementing and preparing practicum consumption, seminars and meetings as well as beverages of the entire staff (regular)
  • Serving the needs of student final task (TA) research such as procurement and maintenance of experimental animals for research (mosquitoes, flies, mice, etc.)
  • Serving the loaning of final task (TA) book/text book in the Laboratory of Parasitology
  •  Responsible for key Laboratory of Parasitology