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Laboratory of Parasitology History

On 1963, STKM was established. At that time, Parasitology Department was still under Parasitology Department of Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University; with Head Official of Parasitology STKM was dr. Rochmad Idjara’i and his vice dr. Soebaktiningsih.

After dr. Idjra’i and dr. Soebaktiningsih finished taking parasitology education expert at the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, the Department of Parasitology stood by itself with dr. Idjra’I as head of the laboratory.

At the time of STKM nationalization on 1974, head of parasitology alternated. Because some staff of parasitology moved, dr. Idjra’i moved to the Department of Surgery, replaced by dr. Haryanto, dr. Haryanto moved to the Department of Internal Medicine, then moved again to the Department of Public Health. At that time on 1979, head of Parasitology held by dr. Soebagtiningsih until 1992 then successively held by dr. Aswin Djoko Baskoro, M.Kes (1992 -1996), dr. Sri Poeranto YS, M.Kes. (1996 – 2001), dr. Sudjari DTM & H, MSI, Sp.ParK. (2001 – 2005), dr. Teguh Wahju Sardjono DTM & H, MSc, Sp.ParK. (th. 2005 – th. 2013). And now the head of laboratory held by Dr. dr. Sri Poeranto YS, Kes. Sp.ParK.

The development of Parasitology Course

Since the establishment of Laboratory of Parasitology, subjects given were Helminthology and Protozoology (5th Smt.) and Entomology (6th Smt.). In curriculum development on 1990 parasitology subjects were given in 4th Smt. and 5th Smt. On 2007, with the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), the Parasitology subjects included in Competence Course (MKK) Bioscience III (BS-III), together with Microbiology subject becoming Basic Medical Sciences (MKDI) Microbial Biology and Microbial infections, then together with Immunology subject incorporated in Competence Course (MKK) BS-3 (BioScience-3) ​​that were given in 2nd Smt.



Head of Parasitology


Th. 1979 – 1992

dr. Soebagtiningsih

Th. 1992 -1996

dr. Aswin Djoko Baskoro, MS, Sp.ParK

Th. 1996 – 2001

Dr. dr. Sri Poeranto YS, M.Kes, Sp.ParK

Th. 2001 – 2005

dr. Sudjari, DTM&H., M.Si., Sp.ParK.

Th. 2005 – 2013

Prof. Dr. Dr. Teguh W. Sardjono, DTM&H., M.Sc., Sp.ParK

Th. 2013 – sekarang

Dr. dr. Sri Poeranto YS, M.Kes, Sp.ParK