Internal Audit Quality (AIM) is a specific activity that is carried out in a systematic, sustainable and independent. This activity is intended to measure the extent to which the implementation of the established quality standards have been implemented by the auditee. Results of the implementation of the AIM Laboratory Accreditation list is finding that contain mismatches (KTS) and the Observation / Suggestion (OBS). Follow-up of the Form list these findings are reported to the Faculty through FKUB GJM. Furthermore, GJM team will analyze a list of findings and reported to the management for further action.
Evaluation of the analysis of these findings on borang list will be one of the basis in determining the policy line leadership to steer and follow up the points on the findings. Some follow up was done was repairing, equipping, completing, create documents and provide data supportability.

In the previous 13 cycles AIM VCT there were 1 and 3 OBS for Anatomical Pathology Laboratory. 3 OBS which was not yet fully bilingual website menu, MP had been no research services, and a description of the mechanism of management reviews yet there was content that describes the results of laboratory audit, client feedback, process performance and suitability of the product for quality improvement. 1 KTS namely vision, mission, and the edict services not in accordance with the new. In each of the KTS and OBS findings of both of the above had made the manufacture, repair, and adjustments in accordance with the regulations and directives of the Faculty.