1. To create an organizational structure that is effective, efficient, productive processes that facilitate the implementation of educational, research, and community service as a function faculties, departments, and courses to achieve ISO quality standards in the field of anatomical pathology.
  2. Carrying out the functions of management / governance of healthy, open, conducive, transparent, and has a public image that is strong and accountable.
  3. Conducting budget management by developing performance-based financial system that is efficient with increased ability to self-financing.
  4. To increase Capacity Building of anatomic pathology laboratory staff with Honorarium development pattern refers to the Merit-Based Recruitment and Reward-Punishment measurable and objective performance standards by default.
  5. To create system and infrastructure development and management of information systems based on information technology.
  6. Improving the quality of education for S1 anatomic pathology.
  7. Conducting Studies Program SP1 Anatomical Pathology.
  8. to develop a dynamic curriculum and meet the relevance of medical education and health as well as adaptive to developments in science and medical technology and health.
  9. To accommodate research in an academic atmosphere, appropriate and in accordance with the latest scientific developments.
  10. Developing infrastructure and expand the scope of anatomic pathology laboratory in community service activities.