FKUB Clinical Pathology Laboratory is one of the academic units in PSPD related to education, research and community service. Clinical pathology laboratory organization led by a Head of Laboratory who is appointed and dismissed by the Rector on the proposal of the Dean, as well as directly responsible to the Dean. In Conducting daily, a Head of Clinical Pathology Laboratory in carrying out its duties and functions supported by the educational staff and faculty. educational staff consists of admin staff and staff analyst, currently teaching staff in addition to duty and responsibility in assisting the passage of the process of education, research and community service in accordance duties and functions of each staff.

Head of Laboratory
Dr. dr. Tinny Endang Hernowati, SpPK (K)

Administrative Staff
Saiful Aripin, S.Si

Staff Analyst
Widiastuti, Amd.AK

Responsible Class
PJP Medical Education
dr. Maimonides Zulhaidah Arthamin, Kes, SpPK

PJP Animal Medicine Program
dr. Dian Sukma Hanggara, SpPK

PJP PS Pharmacy
dr. syahrul Chilmi

Education PJP Dentist
Dr. dr. Tinny Endang Hernowati, SpPK (K)

PJP PS Nursing
Prof. Dr. dr. Kusworini, Kes, SpPK