Being Institute of Medical Education and Health Sciences as well as the Leading International Level


Pioneering Education, Research, and Community Services in the Field of Medical and Health Sciences Latest And Quality.


Clinical pathology laboratory serve wholeheartedly with the values of RESIK (Responsive, Effective, Effisient, Supportive, Innovative, and Commitment)



Effective and Efficient





  1. The achievement of the results of operations in the field of Higher Education Faculty berupalulusan faithful, pious, praiseworthy morals, insightful Emergency Medical, and has the professionalism to be able to compete in a national and international scale.
  2. The achievement of the results of the implementation of the Faculty in the field of Research and Community Service in the form of research and scientific work in the field of Health Sciences date to be used for the development of science, education and services to people who become its stakeholders.
  3. The achievement of the results of the development of the Faculty of Organisation and Management in the form of organizational structure and governance are more autonomous, healthy, based on Information Technology, and become an institution that has a high national competitiveness.
  4. Institutional development co-operation, education, and research both at the regional, national, and international levels to accelerate the achievement of the vision / mission.

Service Promise:

UB School of Medicine determined to implement an integrated working system to provide the best service in order to realize the satisfaction of service users in order FKUB Service Excellence

Care Ethics:

  • Venturing into a smile, greeting and greetings
  • Compulsory wearing a badge / card idientitas
  • Be polite to the service users UB
  • Not arbitrary – persecution against service users UB
  • Not justified in providing services while smoking or communicate with mobile phones or other communication devices