Student Service


It is known that students as the forerunners of qualified Indonesian human resources are expected to master hard skills and soft skills that can support their success in the future. Student affairs institution is an important factor in student development and student achievement. In general, student success is not only judged by academic ability, but can also be assessed professionally from ability in academic support activities that support both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The establishment of this atmosphere requires a collaborative effort between the activeness of students, educators and education staff. Good service can create a conducive academic and non-academic atmosphere, to encourage the emergence of bright ideas, increase creativity, and improve scientific communication skills, which include reasoning components. Based on the main tasks and student functions, student services are formulated as follows:

1. Intellectual Development Services;
2. Interest and Talent Development Services;
3. Soft Skill Development Services;
4. Scholarship Services;
5. Counselling Guidance Services (BK);
6. Health services;
7. Ethical Issues Service;
8.Career Development Services;
9. Entrepreneurship Development Services.