Scholarship Service


Scholarship service is an activity carried out by coordinating with the university’s student affairs sector in the process of applying for scholarships from various sources that can be accepted by students, facilitating coordination to obtain new scholarship sources whose resources are from non-APBN (non-government budget).

Scholarships offered to FKUB students can be distinguished based on academic ability as well as economics and funding sources. Based on the criteria of academic ability and economic limitations, scholarships can be given to: 1) students who excel both in academics (GPA) and in non-academic fields, and 2) Scholarships for students who are economically disadvantaged.

Scholarships based on the origin of the source of funds into prayers, namely:

  1. Scholarships whose funding sources come from the APBN (State Budget), include: PPA Scholarships (Academic Achievement Improvement); PPA’s BBP (Tuition Fee Assistance) Scholarship, first called BBM; BBP Bidik Misi/Indonesian Smart Card (KIP) and Affirmation Scholarship for Higher Education (ADik Papua)
  2. Scholarships whose sources of funds come from PNBP funds (Foundations/Companies)


The types and requirements for applying for scholarships by students are carried out in accordance with the provisions coordinated by the Student Affairs Section of Universitas Brawijaya facing the student affairs field of FKUB with information on types and conditions that can be seen and accessed through the FKUB website which is connected to the UB student website.

  1. Tuition Fee Assistance Scholarship (BBP)
  2. Academic Achievement Improvement Scholarship (PPA)
  3. Bidik Misi/Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) Education Assistance Scholarship
  4. Scholarships from Foundations or Agencies


The Student Affairs Division coordinates with University Student and Student Organizations to facilitate submissions according to the needs of students who need scholarships according to standard procedures. For FKUB students, the selection of a scholarship program is adjusted to the conditions in accordance with the requirements issued by the scholarship granting institution, except for the following scholarships which may not be permitted for FKUB students, namely: scholarships offered from cigarette product companies, hard, products with connotations sex and other illegal or prohibited products.

Information on scholarship offers can be accessed through the page BEM FKUB through the Ministry of Home Affairs facilitates the dissemination and application of scholarships for undergraduate and professional level students. Meanwhile, scholarship applications for postgraduate students and medical specialist education are carried out through their respective study programs.