Counseling Guidance Service


Student counseling guidance aims to assist students in realizing their potential optimally, both for their own interests and the demands of the environment constructively, able to solve problems faced realistically, and able to make decisions about various choices rationally so that they are expected to carry out decisions in a concrete and responsible manner. , then students need to formulate academic plans, careers and plans for others that support their role as adults. Guidance – counseling services are used to detect this problem as early as possible, so that more or less it can help leaders or policy makers provide the right direction to students in pursuing their education.

Guidance and counseling service activities are carried out by the Guidance and Counseling Team which is ratified by a Decree of the Dean of the FKUB which is deemed capable of carrying out socialization, escort and management of cases that require special actions. In practice, the Counseling Guidance team will coordinate with the Education manager, namely the academic supervisor (DPA) in the department, counselors and student organizations.

Student counseling guidance is a process of providing systematic and intensive assistance to students in the context of personal development, studies and careers carried out by counselors or guidance officers. Assistance is directed so that students are able to: 1) grow and develop in the direction they choose; 2) solve the problems faced in life. Relationships in the counseling process occur in a professional atmosphere by providing conditions conducive to changes in student behavior needed to solve personal difficulties they face. The services provided are a series of continuous mechanisms that run in synergy with the academic and student fields. The FKUB Guidance and Counseling Team in achieving this goal performs a series of tasks including:

  1. Conduct regular socialization and refreshing about Guidance and Counseling to all lecturers in collaboration with the University Counseling Guidance Unit and Academic Assistance Lecturer Team;
  2. Conducting socialization about the activities and workflow of the Guidance and Counseling team to all students during new student orientation through the Introduction to New Student Campus Life (PKKMABA) forum;
  3. Carry out technical tasks and functions listed in standard operating procedure


Counselling services are also available at the University level which can be accessed through the e-Counseling UB