Entrepreneurship Service

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In the field of entrepreneurship, students and faculty are required to be able to become entrepreneurs. Faculties and universities have a program of activities that have been collaborated in the curriculum as part of academic activities. In the field of student affairs, entrepreneurship services are carried out by collaborating with student organizations to create programs and carry out activities in accordance with work programs and the needs of entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurial service activities include:

  1. Facilitating the implementation of Student Entrepreneurship Program activities for students at the faculty, university, regional and national level;
  2. Facilitating collaboration with related work units to assist students who will continue their entrepreneurial activities, including internships with SMEs and facilitating activities in student entrepreneurship galleries;
  3. Entrepreneurship services are carried out by coordinating with the field of student affairs and student organizations as well as related managers such as majors and universities according to the attached standard operating procedures;
  4. To increase student interest in entrepreneurship, BEM holds KWU Business School activities every year.