Intellectual Development Service


The students intellectual development is expected to produce scientific attitudes, professional attitudes, and students’ concern for various problems that develop in society. Students can finally produce various scientific works to be presented in scientific activities, until finally they can answer the problems that exist in society.

Faculty of medicine Brawijaya University provide Intellectual Development Service such as:

  1. Implementation of student creativity programs (PKM), either independently organised by universities or organised by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, National Achievement Centres, and/or other institutions;
  2. Academic writing course and publication of scientific books and articles by students;
  3. Assisting the students to obtain and obtain copyright and registration/obtaining patents;
  4. Assisting the students in carrying out research activities and community service;
  5. Encouraging the students participation in competition activities at the local (university), regional, national and international levels;
  6. Reporting on student students intellectual development activities;