Medical Student of FMUB Won First Prize on the Scientific Paper Competition in Singapore

Students from the Bachelor Study Program of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya succeeded in winning the 1st place in the scientific paper competition at the 2024 East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) which was held in Singapore by the Asian Medical Students’ Association International (AMSA-International).



In his interview, Sebastian Emanuelle explained that before he was entitled to take part in this competition internationally, he and the team from Indonesia had to receive the 1st or 2nd place in the pre-conference competition which was held nationally.



This team consists of Josh Nathaniel Jowono (Universitas Indonesia) as first author, Derren David Christian Homenta Rampengan (Sam Ratulangi University), Juan Alessandro Jeremis Maruli Nura Lele (Indonesian Christian University), and Didi Setya Darma and Sebastian Emmanuel Willyanto (Universitas Brawijaya).



According to him, this year, EAMSC 2024 held the theme of “Public Health & Preventive Medicine”. Based on this theme, they focused on a global public health problem of obesity. The Indonesian team carried the title “Unlocking the Obesity Epidemic Solution: Network Meta-Analysis of Comparative Effectiveness Between Gamification Strategies in Prevention and Treatment” which discussed effectiveness evaluation of gamification methods through several techniques, such as virtual reality, augmented reality games, etc. in handling problems obesity.



“We are grateful to have won the 1st place in the pre-conference competition held at the national level so we can continue to the international level. Apart from that, we are also grateful to be able to become the academic paper grand winner, as well as the delivery of care subtheme winner,” he added.



As told by Sebastian, competitors in this academic paper competition came from leading institutions in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore.



When asked about tips for success in this event, Sebastian explained that he started studying scientific paper competitions since the third semester in competitions organized by AMSA and other organizations/universities.


“My motivation comes from realization of the importance of research in the medical field as a clinician in the future,” he explained.



Apart from that, his motivation in paper writing also stemmed from the encouragement and support of his family, seniors, and lecturers. Sebastian feels grateful to be able to study at FKUB which is supportive to student research.



“I received the main support from AMSA Universitas Brawijaya, which became a platform for me to develop so far. Aside from that, I am also grateful for the guidance of Dr. Aulia Rahmi Pawestri, PhD; Dr. Dr. Dewi Santosaningsih, Sp.MK(K), PhD; Dr. Muhammad Anshory, Sp.PD; Dr. Putri Annisa Kamila, Sp.JP; Dr. “Valerinna Yogibuana Swastika Putri, Sp.JP (K), and my other lecturers who provided guidance for me during research development at FK UB,” he explained.



Sebastian hopes to continue to be enthusiastic about pre-clinical and clinical studies at FKUB, while continuing to develop himself through research in the future. (An4nk-Public Relations FKUB)