Strategic Plan and Work



Strategic Goals, Programs, and Activities

To realize the mission that has been set, eleven strategic goals are formulated which are divided into each mission as follows.

1) Mission 1: “Education, research, and community service in the field of medicine and health that are integrated and of international standard” with the objectives:

  1. To realize internationally competitive study programs; SS-01
  2. To realize innovative and applicable processes of education, research, and community service by implementing the current technology; SS-02
  3. To realize competitive students and alumni; SS-03

2) Mission 2: “An agent for developing and disseminating medical and health science and technology as well as an agent for improving people’s quality of life” with the objectives:

  1. To increase the quality of dissemination of research results and community service that has an impact on improving the quality of life of the community; SS-04
  2. To increase absorption of research and service products into health services, industry and community groups; SS-05
  3. To realize the cooperation which is followed up with the development of medical and health science and technology; SS-06

3) Mission-3: “Excellent, equitable and sustainable higher education governance” with the objectives:

  1. To realize the ability of the academic community to be independent, autonomous and able to direct themselves (self-directed); SS-07
  2. To realize efficient and equitable management of integrated planning-based institutions; SS-08
  3. To provide infrastructure, facilities and infrastructure for education, research, community service with the current technology and supports the sustainability of faculty management and environment; SS-09
  4. To implement a quality and integrated information system between education, finance, asset management, performance; SS-10
  5. To realize an integrated financial management system that ensures transparency and accountability; SS-11

The explanation of the vision, mission, goals, and strategic objectives of FMUB “based on culture” refers to UB’s academic cultural values ​​as stated in the UB Strategic Plan Year 2020-2024, namely:

  1. Universitas Brawijaya always bases its values ​​on the basis of the belief in the one supreme God
  2. Universal human values
  3. Inclusiveness, integrity, spirituality, and intellect, in every development of science, technology, arts, and humanities
  4. Brawijaya is a symbol of the characteristic values ​​of the academic community
  5. Cultural diversity is the main approach in UB’s tridharma
  6. A healthy academic atmosphere underlies the atmosphere of campus life
  7. Pioneering insights, excellence, and excellence