Vision Mission



Becoming a prominent institute of medical education and health with cultural and nationalism-based international standard in accordance with Pancasila to improve the quality of life



To achieve its vision, FKUB has set the following missions:

  1. To organize education, research, and community service in the field of integrated medicine and health with international standards that produce graduates who are religious, noble, independent, professional, and innovative
  2. To organize institutions as agents of development and disseminator of medical and health science and technology based on the noble values ​​of local wisdom to improve the quality of life
  3. To organize superior, equitable, and sustainable higher education governance



Each mission has a goal to guide the implementation of the vision and mission, namely:

  1. To produce graduates who are academically capable, pioneer and reformer, professional, independent, work ethic, disciplined, virtuous, digitally literate, to compete, excel, at national and international levels
  2. To produce innovative works in the field of medicine and health that can contribute to national development, build independence, based on noble cultural values ​​, and excel at national and international levels
  3. To realize an integrated inter-professional medical and health academic culture, superior competitiveness, and high technology to develop the potential of every individual in the academic community
  4. To realize accountable, effective, efficient, up-to-date, synergized, and sustainable faculty management to compete at national and international levels.