Health Services

Health is a very important factor for everyone in living his life. For students, health factors can affect the quality of learning and can even hinder students’ study time. Student health services are health services related to preventive measures and assistance for students while studying at FKUB. Like other faculties, student health services are carried out in an integrated manner through UB Clinic and RSUB health services. Students who receive these health services are FKUB students who are registered as active students in the current semester. Faculty-level health services through UB Clinic and RSUB are held in accordance with applicable regulations based on the Decree of the UB Chancellor.
In FKUB internal circles, there is an LSO Lakesma student organization engaged in the health sector which coordinates with Lakesma’s accompanying lecturers to optimize health services in carrying out one of the organizational functions engaged in health by providing emergency services for FKUB community members who need immediate care and simple treatment. .
Health services under the coordination of the student body and LSO Lakesma are facilitated by a building containing a room for examinations and a simple patient rest room and 1 room for an ambulance facility called Pre Hospital Care (PHC). Health services carried out internally at FKUB are fully implemented by students within the Lakesma LSO organization under the supervision of assistant lecturers, carry out tasks according to the watch schedule and are obliged to carry out an inventory of simple emergency medicine needs and consumables needed in emergency situations.
Services are carried out in stages with a referral system, namely Pre Hospital Care, UB Clinic, and UB Hospital. If the treatment requires further treatment, it will be referred to UB Clinic or RSUB. The management of health services at UB Clinic and RSUB is in accordance with the attached standard operating procedures. In addition to general health services, for special conditions for students who have died, FKUB helps facilitate needs according to certain authorities